Tridair Structural Panel Fasteners . Live Lock Structural Panel Fasteners . Provide high-strength, quick operation and exceptionally high cycle for use on high performance aircraft, on elctronic, and on avionic . Fairchild Fasteners Tridair Products 1. Search Our Inventory. Search Jet-Teks inventory database. Fairchild Fasteners Tridair Products ii KEE NSERTS Inserts Installation Guidelines 1. Edge Distance Boss Diameter: 1 1/2 x O.D. of insert. Edge distance to a … Browse Catalog in the Arconic Fastening Systems catalog including Blind Bolts,Blind Rivets,Fluid Fittings,Inserts and Studs,Lockbolt Fastening Systems,Nuts,Panel Fasteners ,Installation Tools,Pin Systems

We have an extensive inventory of Tridair products . Every part that we sell is in Factory new (FN) condition and we herepany’s certificate of conformance for all parts on every order. Tridair Stud - FX10-1558-1P $ 30.82. Add To Cart Request Quote. CA1820-1 Stud - CA1820-1 $ 12.65. Add To Cart Request Quote. CA18236- QR Structural Panel Fasteners Fairchild Fasteners Tridair Products 69 Panel/Substructure Preparation and Installation Data. Flush Head Styles. *Subject to approval of structures group. Notes: 1. Locate and drill “A” diameter hole through panel and substructure. 2. Countersink panel to diameter. 3. Kaynar Fasteners continue to be manufactured today under the Fairchild Fasteners brand. Structural Panel Fasteners are heremon Fairchild fasteners . Tridair Fairchild Structural Panel Fasteners are designed to provide high strength resistance, and exceptionally high cycle life.

Tridair Industries . The Tridair line of products is well known and respected for robust and ingenious design solutions of its fasteners and thread repair parts. This product offering provides unique advantages to manufacturers and repair facilities. Arconic Fastening Systems. Arconic Fastening Systems is the premier designer and manufacturer of aerospace and industrial fasteners , latches, bearings, fluid fittings and installation tools. Our products are used nose to heremercial and military aircraft, as well as on jet engines, industrial gas turbines, automobiles, Browse Keenserts Inserts and Studs in the Arconic Fastening Systems catalog including Inserts,Studs

Authorized distributor for AVK AEROSPACE PRODUCTS and HOUSTON PRECISION FASTENERS . SPECIALS: • Custom specials to print • OEM controlled drawings • Lockheed Martin drawings • Specializing in Honeywell 10-digit and S series products . • Paneloc ( Fairchild )( Tridair …