20 rows Chipboard or Particleboard Screws Easy to screw in. High tensile strength. Avoid cracking and splitting. Deep and sharp thread for cutting through wood cleanly. Excellent quality and high temperature treatment for resistance to snapping. Different choices of dimensions and surfaces. Mar 17, 2019 A chipboard screw or particleboard screw is a self tapping screw with a thin shaft and coarse threads. Chipboard is a made up of resin and wood dust or wood chips, so chipboard screws are made to hereposite material and to resist withdrawing. Chipboard Screws . A Pozi screwdriver bit is then required to drive the screws home, but care must be taken as they have a tendency to slip and strip. These screws are available in 2 finishes, namely zinc plated and yellow passivation corrosion resistant coating.

Our chipboard screws are high quality, sharp point , parallel shank, single thread case hardened steel with a yellow passivated coating.Features include 25.. Zenith CHIPBOARD SCREWS 8Gx75mm 50Pcs Countersunk Ribbed Head, Gold Passivated See more like this. WURTH 01714251 Chipboard Screw CSK PHZ/Y 8G 4.2x51 Zinc Yellow 34mm Thread 1000 See more like this. Buildex COUNTERSUNK RIB HEAD CHIPBOARD SCREW 1000Pcs GOLD- 8-10x25mm,32mm Or35mm. The chipboard screws with countersunk head, TX star recess drive and partial thread The fischer chipboard screw Power-Fast FPF-ST P is a chipboard screw with a countersunk head, TX star recess socket and partial thread.

Chipboard screws . In 2011 we included chipboard screws with a cross slot or internal hexalobular recess, with a double flat head in our range of products. All variants are plated with yellow zinc-chromate. The hexalobular screws are additionally finished with sliding lacquer herefortable screwing in without pre-drilling. duotool premier countersunk txd torx drive chipboard (wood) screws yellow zinc plated sold in boxes of 200 a good quality general purpose wood screw . priced to clear.