Late Middle English (as a noun): from Old French escroue ‘female screw , nut’, from Latin scrofa, literally ‘sow’, later ‘screw’. The early sense of the verb was ‘contort … screw definition: 1. a thin, pointed piece of metal with a raised edge twisting round along its length and a flat top with a cut in it, used to join things together, especially pieces of wood 2. an act of twisting or turning done to fasten or tighten something: 3. (a word used especially by…. Learn more. Definition of ' screw -in'. Exclamations are short utterances that you make when you are very surprised or upset. They are not always whole sentences. Sometimes they are more like a noise than a word.

screw noun [ C ] (METAL FASTENER) › a thin piece of metal, usually with a pointed end and a flat top shaped to hold a tool, that is forced into wood or metal by turning, and is used esp. to join two pieces or to hold something in place. screw verb [ T ] us ​ /skru/. Translation for ' screw' in the free English -Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Idioms have a screw loose, to behave or think oddly: He must have a screw loose if he thinks he can get away with this in broad daylight. Idioms put the screw s on, [~ + object] to use force on (someone); to force (someone): The boss will really put the screws on him to work overtime.